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Why bad timing still concludes to lose good candidates

I’m sure you know that situation: A company is in contact with a good candidate regarding an exiting role in their organization, but because of bad timing in the candidate management process the candidate loses the interest or decides in the meantime for another role.

My experiences showed me, that in the most of these cases the main problem is that someone in the company doesn’t take it that serious, is losing too much time between the different steps or isn’t enough focused on the process!
Next to these points, that the candidate management process is getting more and more impersonal.

A lot of companies are working with an ATS (applicant tracking system) today to save time, money and therefore they can automate more and more in a Recruitment process.

Whether you are using an ATS or not, it is still so important, that the responsible persons behind the candidate management processes takes care about every single step within a short period of time.

Is it that difficult to take within 24h a few minutes and give as a manager or HR responsible person a feedback to the candidate on a CV they have sent you or about the next step in the process and show them through that you are interested?

Nowadays it can be because we all have too much on our task list for the day.

But it is a question of importance, how seriously the companies/managers are looking for new employees and how focused they are.

Do you think it is an advantage when the candidate reckons how stressed you are and how long it takes for you to give a feedback on an email, call to arrange the next interview and/or leave them just in ignorance?

For sure not… and it happens quite fast, that a candidate loses their best interest about this opportunity because it gives them a bad feeling and as we know a good candidate follows different vacancies at the same time.

Generally, it might be so simple, just treat the candidates like you want to be treated when you would work with someone in a certain process or situation (self-reflection)! Put yourself in the position of the candidate and what you would expect. And then take care about the next steps – just do it!

We all have smart phones, app’s (i.e. LinkedIn, Email, Calendar, etc.) and other methods to be more or less all the time online. So, there are generally no excuses why it might take that long between the steps to schedule and plan the next one. Use all possibilities which are given to you, take it seriously, stay focused and improve your time management step-by-step.

Try it and you will see what the improvements could be and how simple it is to have motivated candidates!

“If you know your goals then you will find the right way”

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